‘I’ve been looking at the moon all my life, but always as a scientist. Charlie shows the moon in a new perspective, she makes the lure of the moon even more irresistible.’ – Sir Patrick Moore (1923 – 2012)

‘Charlie Barton’s powerful images of the moon are not what you will see through a telescope, hers is the moon that, if you are lucky, you will glimpse in the dark recesses of your imagination. Her moon is the moon of our ancestors, the moon that challenged them to define what, or who, it is. Barton’s moon paintings put us in touch with a primeval lunar far side, the side we see in dreams. Now her work is taking her past the moon and into space, she is drawing inspiration from the wonders of the cosmos that lie hundreds of millions of light years away. I wish her luck on the voyage.’
Rick Stroud Film maker & writer, Author of The Book of the Moon