Landing on Tuesday 2 April 
Orbiting until Sunday 23 June 2019
Watts Gallery

Moonscapes Contemporary Art Interventions

Charlie Barton, Alistair Burtenshaw and Dr Tessa Kilgarriff

Charlie Barton, Alistair Burtenshaw and Dr Tessa Kilgarriff

In the year of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, our latest exhibition Moonscapes, opening at Watts Gallery on 2 April 2019, is the first exhibition to explore nineteenth-century visions of the moon.

Presenting a selection of works by significant artists including William Holman Hunt, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Evelyn de Morgan and G F Watts, Moonscapes will consider the Victorian fascination with the earth's closest cosmic neighbour, bringing into focus the many ways in which nineteenth-century artists have drawn inspiration from the moon.

The exhibition will also be accompanied by the below programme of contemporary art interventions that will accent the key themes of the exhibition through light, sound and space.

Artemis - Charlie Barton

"It's impossible not to wonder at the Moon and about the Moon, it's full of myth and magic. My inspiration to paint the moon came from a number of influences, as a child I listened endlessly to David Bowie's Space Oddity; I was rocketed up in that tin can to a wondrous world way beyond my world… I grew up on Salisbury Plain where we would ride across the cratered "Impact Area", a pock marked landscape that seemed to me just like the surface of the moon. As there was no light pollution on the Plain the night sky was often a visual feast of stars. My late father who navigated on the first Round The World sailing race, gave me huge inspiration when describing the night sky on his voyage. His sextant was always an object of fascination to me. On his death in 2000 I was drawn to contemplate the cosmos & found myself lured to the Moon."